Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sonnet #29

"The World's Sweet Beauty!"

The World's sweet beauty lives behind my eyes!
It burns there every time the clouds appear
As shapes, and every time I recognize
A tender whispered word has rung sincere,

And every time pure human kindness flows
Without beseeching interest, and each
And every time a patient mother knows
Her child is safe and warm, though out of reach,

And when my body moves through space and time
Without actually moving, and when we,
All tiny turtle hatchlings, make our way
Steadfastly, mightily!, toward the sea.

Its omnipresent truth wears no disguise!
The World's sweet beauty lives behind our eyes!

Okay, I know. Yet another post after midnight. Again, it was worth it, so I'm not going to lose any sleep over it if none of you are! Thanks for understanding.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sonnet #28


My alter ego: taciturn and plain,
Deliberate, polite, recoiled, and shy,
Inspects the evening's purchases of fake
Eyelashes and bronze boots to catch the eye.

She marvels, (glad the lashes came with glue)
But wonders if these items could contend
With her own inner beauty - tried and true -
That is too often silenced by her friend

That yelps and clamors, shouting wordlessly
With awkwardly matched colors. Still, she knows
That deep inside herself, her self is free
To choose to be this person that she chose.

A calmly loving hand placed on a knee,
"You are the wonder you will always be."

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sonnet #27

"Me Alone a Barnacle"

Content to lap at pools of drunkards, I
Haphazardly contort to younger days
When half full empty glasses knew the ways:
Temptation waiting in their alibi.

Now riding on the backs of woman thighs,
I bear the weight eternal of the thought
That sans these burdens we are better off,
Though much more bored and prone to compromise,

Unless the inner angel caves and lies
With inner demon, ready to devour
Itself and taste its taste buds, pink and sour,
And thusly break the Spirit's trusty ties.

And me, alone, a barnacle impressed
Upon by healthy notions of success.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sonnet #26


We are but heat waves. Radiating like
Some massive five foot four inferno. We
Cannot undo what charred in fire and light.
We cannot break the love eternally

Begotten from whence fire and earth were born,
Or brand its liquid surface, shimmering,
Or bend the gilded oracle soft orb
Afloat, intangible and deafening!

We are but lucid universes, vast,
Teeming with life within our every cell.
In knowing this, how can loneliness last?
The frozen heart, reposed, begins to melt.

Why wait for answers we already know?
The body's fire sets the world aglow.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sonnet #25


The quarry-mouth, so gorgeous I could cry!
With slip for skin and sediment for bones
Carved out to make way for the tunnel's moans,
So statuesque, gray, sharp, and proud!, veins neigh!

The artery then bleeds out to the trail -
An arching sky-way beige and pivoting
That leads the eye towards sight to revel in -
A city sprawling under heaven's veil!

Black clouds adorn the mountain man hath made
And drape themselves all thick over the lights
That twinkle darkly in the sheepish night
Whilst sky is punctured upward by steel blades!

God's hand and hand of man chiseled from stone
This world made flesh: awakened, perfect, One!

Sonnet #24


Who shines the shiny shoes of the shoeshiners?
Who shears and shaves the bristly beards of barbers?
Who pours bartenders pints of frothy lagers?
Who shovels coal into the hearths of miners?

The shoeshiner's apprentice shines his booties!
The barber's wife mows down his facial stubbles!
The bar-back taps the kegs of stouts and pale ales!
The miner's son tends to the fire's duties!

Who wipes the brows of mothers when they toil,
Or holds their hand until they weep no more?
Who gathers harvests from the farmer's soil,
Or rubs his feet and back, so tired and sore?

Lend hands, learn, be attentive, ask for help:
No-one accomplishes all things themselves!

So October 10th marks the first day I didn't post a new sonnet before midnight. While I do not intend to make a habit of this, please know that I did post it before I went to bed, which for me technically still makes it count for Wednesday! But as a consolation, also know that I had a really good excuse... I was in the city practicing with my band Pearl and the Beard all day, and made it back home on the bus just in time to see my little sister who had driven all the way from West Virginia for a surprise visit! If music and family aren't a good enough reason to post a sonnet after midnight, I don't know what is.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sonnet #23

"Leaf and Wind"

To think, young pilgrims, that we once were leaves
Contently spooning on the forest floor,
And that our hearts once floated leisurely
Bareback on softened currents in the Fall.

And think, young pilgrims, we too once were wind
That carried our leaf-selves from highest bough
In crystal arms, to gently tuck us in -
Our bed the breathing gold blanket below.

And yes, young pilgrims, leaf and wind belonged
To one another and unto themselves.
Each time one held the other in its palm,
Our body's map was born corporeal.

Until and after soil churns from flesh,
Young pilgrims, know, your soul's deciduous.

A sonnet for Autumn.