Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sonnet #24


Who shines the shiny shoes of the shoeshiners?
Who shears and shaves the bristly beards of barbers?
Who pours bartenders pints of frothy lagers?
Who shovels coal into the hearths of miners?

The shoeshiner's apprentice shines his booties!
The barber's wife mows down his facial stubbles!
The bar-back taps the kegs of stouts and pale ales!
The miner's son tends to the fire's duties!

Who wipes the brows of mothers when they toil,
Or holds their hand until they weep no more?
Who gathers harvests from the farmer's soil,
Or rubs his feet and back, so tired and sore?

Lend hands, learn, be attentive, ask for help:
No-one accomplishes all things themselves!

So October 10th marks the first day I didn't post a new sonnet before midnight. While I do not intend to make a habit of this, please know that I did post it before I went to bed, which for me technically still makes it count for Wednesday! But as a consolation, also know that I had a really good excuse... I was in the city practicing with my band Pearl and the Beard all day, and made it back home on the bus just in time to see my little sister who had driven all the way from West Virginia for a surprise visit! If music and family aren't a good enough reason to post a sonnet after midnight, I don't know what is.

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